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Book Review for His Beauty by Leah Sharelle Wounded Souls Series, Book Three

His Beauty: The Wounded Souls Kindle Edition by Leah Sharelle (Author), Colleen Snibson (Editor) - Leah Sharelle
Title: His Beauty
Series: Wounded Souls Series, Book Three
Author: Leah Sharelle
Genre: MC/Former Soldier Romance
Release Date: June 30, 2018
Reviewed by Angels With Attitude Book Reviews
Arc copy provided for honest review
5 stars from us
You, Beauty, are the love of my life.
Steel was one of the best snipers the commando’s had ever seen. He was the V.P of the Wounded Souls MC and ran the club’s Bar and Grill. Steel was also desperately lonely. He tried to fill the void in his heart with the wrong woman. Callie was easy, she didn’t make him use his heart. The path he secretly wanted to take, would led him to the woman he really wanted. 
Can he trust her enough to show that part of him he hides behind the playboy image? 
Mia loved Cooper Steel with her whole heart. A heart that Steel kept breaking every time she had to watch him go off with her sister. She has to be content with working side-by-side with Steel as the bar and Grills manager. When the danger that was stalking the club is focused on Mia, she turns to the one person that made her heart beat faster with just one look. 
Was she a glutton for punishment, or can she learn to trust Steel’s promise she was the only woman for him?


First off  lets say this is a new series and author for us and we have to say that we loved the first book in this new amazing series and each and every book that came after.
I loved what this club stood for and the members who were part of the MC club.We often take for granted the sacrifices our soldiers make for us to keep us safe and the he** they go through and the long effects they have to live with. For me I am eternally grateful for all they do to keep us safe.This Club was created for a team of ex military soldiers and the men they served with.I loved the support system that this club had for each and every member as well as the former soldiers to come it was a place for them to feel like they belonged and had purpose.What I loved most though as they had the right people to cope with the nightmares,ptsd,mood swings etc to help them make it through the day.This really was such a touching story that it definitely touched your heart and is not a story that you would be forgetting anytime soon.
I really enjoyed this latest installment in this on going series.I loved the story from cover to cover.
Omg ! Steel and Mia made and awesome couple! I loved how giving and caring Mia was this girl wore her heart on her sleeve at all times.Steel was a character that you would love to hate but, he makes that impossible because he is just misguided and has so many insecurities due to his appearance but, oh so love-able. Omg ! You do not know how many times that I wanted to kick him in the fanny and give him a slap and say "Wake up already!"Mia herself had many insecurities too but, hers stemmed from living in her sisters shadow all her life.
In this story things became more complicated as it was surrounded by a love triangle or maybe just a lust triangle. lol
I loved Mia from the onset of the story.I loved her antic's she endured to capture Steels attention it gave us so many laugh out loud moments.I found her to be insecure but , she had a fierceness to her,she loved with her whole heart, she was beautiful kind and caring.I love how she wore her heart on her sleeve at all times.I loved her camaraderie  with her girls.I loved how much in love she was with Shiloh as the rest of them and loved how she watched Shiloh's favorite show Tour of Duty with her countless times.I also loved the growth of Mia's character as the story progressed she finally let go all of those insecurities she had as well.
~Some favorite quotes~
Quote-“Just for tonight, Steel. Just pretend you want me for just tonight.”
Quote-“What can I get ya, pretty boy?” I smirked at the name she and Shiloh insisted on calling me all the time. Just about all the women called me that now, except Mia—she called me stud, or in the case of last night, she called me babe. And fu** me, I liked it.
Quote-“I do love you, and I have for so long now, a deep soulful love.”
Quote-“You are everything to me, Cooper Steel, the beat of my heart, the alpha caveman I adore. “Now take me to bed and give me no less than five orgasms.”
Steel for me was frustrating at times but, he just needed to be more comfortable in his own skin.Found him to be totally hot and vulnerable at times.I loved how he was so protective of Mia and he loved her fiercely once he gave his heart.Steel was wounded in the war and lost a leg so this makes him even less trusting in what others will think of him ( meaning lovers) and whether they would accept him for the way he is or is he just fooling himself.He totally broke my heart that he felt this way and sometimes I wished he had more faith in Mia to fully put his trust in her to accept that she loved him for who he was and what he stood for and  whether she would be able to love and give her love to half a man in his eyes anyway. "He broke my heart!"I loved how fiercely he loved Shiloh and I always looked forward to their special times together.
~Some favorite Quotes ~
Quote-She was so upset when we told her about Bullet, and my heart nearly broke when she cried in my arms. It did break, though, when she gave me her favourite stuffed plush dog shaped like a German shepherd. Just like my Bullet. “Take this, Unca Coop. I sleep wif him, but now youse can. But if I can’t sleep wifout him, youse is going to hafta give him back. Okays, big fella?”
Quote-“Hey, Beauty, got a minute?” I didn’t miss the way her eyes softened at my endearment for her. She is a beauty. Fuc**** classically beautiful with her dark-brown hair that sat a smidge below her shoulders, her oval face and pretty shaped lips and the cutest button nose, but it was her eyes that hauled you in. The brown was like melted chocolate and almond in shape, giving her a sultry, sexy come-hither look.
Quote-“The last thing I see you as is a little sister, Mia Stone. I have thought more than once about being balls deep inside you, baby.”
Quote-“Beauty, do you feel my heart beating?” he asked. He took one of my hands from the back of his neck and briefly kissed my knuckles before placing it against his chest. The warmth of his skin heated my hand, and I nodded slowly, nose to nose. At that moment, words were impossible.“It beats for you, Mia. Only you and our baby. Protecting you, Beauty, is my priority for you are my reason for breathing, my motivation to be a better man. You, Beauty, are the love of my life,” he whispered softly, his breath tickling my lips
This couple definitely burned up the sheets and they became more scorching when Steel finally lets goes of all those insecurities that were weighing him down.I loved the fun they had and enjoyed with each other in and out of bed.
I loved all the characters this story had whether it was a MC member, or all the future old ladies to come but, I had a real soft spot in my heart for Shiloh as she cracks me up!I love how you never know what is going to come out of her mouth.
Some of Shiloh's favorite quotes
Quote-Is them your sh**kickers, Unca Coops?” the tiny voice came from under the table. “Yep,” I answered, popping the p.
Quote-Reckon I might be losing my princess title if Vinnie knocked Blondie up with a girl baby.”
Quote-“Whatever flops your mop, Studmuffin.”
I loved the suspense but,most of all I loved the amazing characters that the story had for us to enjoy and fall in love with.The story got even hotter more suspenseful and we loved all those secrets started coming to life right before our eyes. 
The story was filled with so much love as well as brought us tons of laughs especially when all the girls got together and then all He** broke loose.
LOL I am thinking that this is a good thing as it opened the eyes of the men of the club about what was right under their noses and if they didn't get the sh** together quickly they were going to lose those they already loved to another.
This story as well as the series is emotionally engaging and I really love that about a story as one minute your laughing the next crying.I love that you feel connected to these characters.For me they are all my favorites whether its the men or women as they all have great personalties as well as their quirks that we love so much!
I love that the love story itself is riddled with and takes so many twists and turns.As the story progressed you could not help but get emotionally attached to the characters as they were all so love-able.
Awesome read! Recommended read to All!
A personal note: This is a series that needs to be read in order and although the story does not end on a cliffhanger all the books are connected by one common tread and is a on going story all the way to the conclusion of the series.I personally read the series all at once and I am glad I did because the moment I finished one book I started onto the next.






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