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Book Review for Nothing Lasts Forever by Scarlett Black

Nothing Lasts Forever (Battle Born MC Book 2) - Scarlett Black
Title: Nothing Lasts Forever
Series: Battle Born MC #2
Author: Scarlett Black
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 22, 2018
Reviewed by Angels With Attitude Book Reviews
Arc copy provided for honest review

Axl has it all as the VP of the MC he loves in Reno, Nevada. Living a life free of worries has never been an issue for him. He’s partied and lived fast with the best of them. He’s never truly had to deal with the repercussions of his actions. Until his world is shattered right before his eyes…


Dana has always been the heart of her girls and family. If her past has taught her anything, it’s that, eventually, those you love will always leave you. Can she have faith that, even though mistakes are made and people change, love will bring them back to her? 


Nothing in life lasts forever, but forever in love is just what they might get.
Dana and Axl's story....
Let's start off my saying that I am really loving this series so far.The girl's of the club and old ladies were such a hoot I laughed out loud through the entire story.I am loving all the character's especially the dads!
From the moment I started reading this story I was hooked.The first book in this series had Axl playing a bit of a cat and mouse game but, in this story things heat up quite a bit. Axl is finally taking what he wants! Dana is claimed even if she is still getting used to the idea.
Book Quote- “Does my princess’ pussy need her king to take care of her?”“Yes.”
Omg ! This couple is HOT HOT HOT !
Funniest moment for me was Vegas teasing Axl about popping so many of Dana's cherries... you had to be there but, you will understand lol. "Just hilarious !"
Some of my other favorite characters are Snake- Dana's Dad ,Fuego- Vegas's Dad,Blade ,Vegas,and we gotta lover Tugger-Vegas's dog.
The drama in the club is now in full force and  it just upped its game and becomes even more dangerous for all of them.This is just one step in the right direction  about taking care of the death treats against the club as well as the girls.
The suspense had us sitting on the seat of our pants wondering what's next. Omg!  the snakes and traitors are coming out of the woodwork like termites. Omg! things just got more intense !
Dana has trust issues due to a crappy family life growing up.Dana's and Axl courtship was anything but smooth due to both of them having insecurities. But, guess what? that spells out lots and lots of make up sex. lol "Holy Hotness!"
I loved being on Axl and Dana's journey as it was not an easy ride and a lot of pain but, loving one another and placing your trust in each other might give them both what they strive for both out of life.
The story gripped you emotionally.I really loved it from cover to cover.The characters were fun ,engaging,some serious and others funny.You felt the love that was in this club all around you all the time.I really loved this about this story.
The story also had some amazing characters,had amazing couples,amazing friends but, we have to give a shout-out to Fuego and his life lessons but also the love he has for his family.Vegas is the bomb! OMG! I do nothing but laugh when she is around....
Found Dana to be loving, kind, funny and "God did she make me laugh often."
Found Axl to be dark,dangerous, a bit of a jokester,funny,serious,possessive and sexy as heck.
We loved everything about the story and we are looking forward to the next in the series.
Some favorite book quotes
“Vegas and I popped your girl’s cherry. She was so sweet too,” Kat mocks her. “Oh fu**, Axl looks a little mad right now.” She points her long black nail toward me and James. That twisted bitch, Kat, would be right, and she thinks she can talk about my woman like that? Jenn starts laughing. “I’m Jenn, and you’re sticking around because I can use you now that these two are getting all domesticated. And Axl is giving you some hateful looks.
“Dude, we’ve never kissed and we never will,” her hands go up in defense . “She’s my sister, you freak! You need to work on your bullshit game. It’s hella weak. Go take a cold shower before I puke!
“You’ll see, Dana, this is our life and I’m going to worship you and the love you give me from it.”
“I will consume all of you ,” I warn. “I am not the same man as before, Dana, there’s a darker version that was never there before . If you take me, you take the demon that’s inside of me too. I don’t want it to take away from your light.”
A recommended read to all!
Scarlett Black lives in a small town in Northern Nevada. She has three kids a husband and a couple of dogs. She loves to watch baseball, especially when her kids or husband play. One day she had random thoughts floating around in her brain, opened her laptop and started writing without really knowing of where the journey would take her. Here she is now, a first-time erotic MC genre author, that works full time. She enjoys her busy life, the outdoors and shopping as much as possible!