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Book Review for MAZ: Westside Skulls Motorcycle Club (Westside Skulls MC Romance Book 6)

MAZ: Westside Skulls Motorcycle Club (Westside Skulls MC Romance Book 6) Kindle Edition - Jessie Cooke
Title: Maz 
Series: Westside Skulls MC Book 6
Author: Jessie Cooke
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 1, 2018
Reviewed by: Angels With Attitude Book Reviews
ARC copy provided for a honest review
5 star review
Maz always knew he wasn't the best-looking guy in the room, but he was okay with that. He was big and tough, and he fitted right in with his brothers at the Westside Skulls. He loved his job there as an enforcer. He came from a good family, and despite some struggles overcoming feelings of abandonment he had from being left by his biological mother when he was just a baby, he really had nothing to complain about...except that he was lonely. Being average-looking wasn't what kept Maz lonely. He didn't need the piercing blue eyes of Dax Marshall or the smoldering dark good looks of his club's SA Bruf. He attracted many women...he had a secret weapon. Maz's first language was French, and American women were drawn to his accent. Maz could take almost any woman in the room home with him if he wanted to...but his other secret was what made him so lonely. Maz had the anatomy of a porn star, and one look at his equipment sent most women scrambling for the door. He'd almost given up on finding a woman who would fall in love with him and be able to handle him in bed as well, when Marissa walked into his life.
Marissa spent most of her adult life taking care of her diabetic mother and she wasn't looking for anything other than a plane ticket to the East Coast and time to travel, when Maz came into her life. She tried to deny it, but the chemistry was much too overwhelming and the two of them clicked, over almost everything...most especially in bed. Marissa was certain she'd found her soulmate and Maz seemed to think the same thing too...until suddenly he left town, taking an assignment for his club two thousand miles away that might not see him making it home.

Marissa wants to know why Maz ran. Maz doesn't want to know the old family secret he discovered. Will the star-crossed lovers find their way back to each other...or will the explosive secret Maz now holds in his hands, destroy them both and take down two families in the process?

* * *

Book 6 in the Westside Skulls MC Series. 

This is a Standalone Romance Novel but characters from this story, will appear in future books in the series. 

HEA and No cliffhanger. 

Intended for Mature Readers.

* * *

The Westside Skulls MC Series is about members of the MC club, their friends and associates. 

Each story, while focused around one main character, is not necessarily about a Westside Skulls club member, but the story is related to Skulls members and the club.



As always another fantastic read by a superb author! I loved the story from cover to cover and I was sitting on pins and needles waiting for the cocky speaking French guy with a wicked sense of humor to get his story and the author didn't disappoint.
If you follow my reviews you know I am a big Jessie Cooke fan as she writes amazing stories and gives us amazing characters to love and fall in-love and we never tire of re-reading their stories.
I loved this story from beginning to end and the character's were fabulous funny and a well matched pair and a delight to read about.This story had one of those big OMG! moments which had the reader saying "This Can't really be happening!" "Not Now!"This story also touched on a serious subject about surviving soldiers having to deal with and who are living with ptsd and its just a reminder to all that our freedom comes at a cost to others.
"I personally am thankful everyday for the sacrifices they make for us."
Maz and Marissa were the perfect couple and sexually compatible as Maz is a well packed man and Marissa's is the bigger the better type of gal and Maz has just the right parts to satisfy her sexual needs!The sex scene's were super hot, funny,sexy, and playful and I loved seeing who was going to dominate who? lol
For me Maz and Marissa were the perfect couple in and out of bed.They had amazing chemistry and I loved how they were able to work through some of the more serious issues that surrounded their relationship.
I always pick a favorite character and mine is going to be Marissa.Marissa surprised me at every turn .Marissa looks the part of a wholesome sweet and innocent girl but, underneath the surface she is a sexy siren who loves super hot sex in and out of bed !I loved her character as she was compassionate sweet,kind,sexy and not afraid to go after what she wants but, most of all she just made me laugh throughout the entire story.
Some favorite scenes would be the bathroom scene as well as the skype sexting scene. OMG! I could not stop laughing through the whole bathroom scene and thinking about it now I am smirking as I am writing this!