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Book Review for Kane by Jen Davis

Kane (Cooper Construction #2) - Jen Davis
Title: Kane
Series: Cooper Construction #2
Author: Jen Davis
Genre: Dark MC Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 26, 2019

  • File Size: 2284 KB
  • Print Length: 243 pages
  • Publisher: Limitless Publishing, LLC (February 26, 2019)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07MY7BZZ2
  • Reviewed by Angels With Attitude Book Review
  • ARC provided for honest review
  • 5 stars from Us


I know how it feels to lose everything—to watch my world crash down around me, unable to do shit about it. 


I was a broken man when the Skulls took me in. They helped me pick up the pieces, became my family, earned my loyalty. 


Then my past storms back into my life with spiky heels and an attitude to match, and my loyalty is tested. Amanda doesn’t just own the company I work for, she owns my heart. She’ll always own it, even though her betrayal sent me into hell in the first place

But being together now is not as simple as it was back then. We’ve both changed. After thirteen years, we’re worlds apart. I don’t belong in her world, and she wants nothing to do with mine.
Problem is, I don’t think I can let her walk away from me…not again.

Let's start off by saying that this author is new to us and we have to say that we really enjoying this new series that is turning out to be a awesome series for us.
We really enjoyed the story as it was one of those stories that keeps you on edge the entire time as you never know what is going to happen around the corner.We really loved almost all the character's in this current story especially all those mysterious hot construction guys .The sick ones well-"I wanted to be planning their deaths right along him!" lol
Kane was my favorite character this time around as he had so many sides to him and always kept you wondering one how he never broke for all he has had to endure and two how could this dark and dangerous man just melt when in the presence of Amanda.
"It was rather sweet!"
One thing about Kane even with all the darkness within him he had lines even he would never cross and that just made him all the more endearing to us.
When you first meet this couple they come off as one of those couples who have one of those love/hate relationships or so you think but, all I saw was a mountain of pain.
I found Kane to be sexy as sin,tall,dark,dangerous,deadly,possessive,
protective yet compassionate,had a conscience even with all the bad deeds he has done,loved the sacrifices he made for the sake of his brothers and family but, most of all you could not help but love the broken man.
"Definitely a man you want at your back!"
Amanda ends up being Kane's one bright star in his very dark world.Amanda we loved her from the onset of the story from the moment she dropped by the construction site throwing around her sass.We found Amanda to be loving and caring and a little bit of a rebel,was fiery as well as sassy but, we loved the lengths she went to make sure the love of her life was protected and safe and she was willing to walk away from the love of her life just to do that and live only with a half of a heart because she left the other half behind her when she left.
We loved this forbidden romance between Kane and Amanda and the struggles they dealt with trying to navigate two worlds.We loved that once Kane learned what secrets Amanda had been keeping come to light that they were willing to face the consequences and throw caution to the wind and just see where the chips may fall.I loved that they were taking back the life that they should have had together after so many miserable years apart.
We loved this story from cover to cover it was intriguing suspenseful that kept you engrossed and turning the pages the entire time.We love the drama that the story brought and all the betrayals and the secrets that unfolded throughout it.I will say that this story had more then a couple of OMG ! moments that we never saw coming.We loved that Kane was willing to make the sacrifices this time around in order to keep hold of the women he could not longer live without.One thing I found so endearing was that the fact that this couples love stood the test of time and when they reunited it was like all those years between them had never been there in the first place.
The romance between both of Kane and Amanda was precious and sweet but, the heart wants what the heart wants and Amanda wants the tall dark and dangerous broken man and nothing will stand in her way to get him back .Are the consequence of their love worth the risk to both of them?
We loved how the story played out but, rest assured that Kane will use all that is in his arsenal to protect the thing he cannot live without...
Recommended read to all !
Jen started her love affair with romance novels, first as a reader, then as a reviewer and blogger. She launched the Red Hot Books blog in 2010 and jumped into Book Twitter shortly after.

She is happily married to her high school sweetheart. Together, they’re raising two kids, a cat, and a dog who is afraid of his own shadow.
Jen spends her days working as television journalist and her nights curled up with a good book.