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Book Review for Lilly by Ambere Sabo

Lilly (Silent Sons MC #4) - Ambere Sabo



Let's start off by saying this was a brand new author for us and we really loved our first read by them.I really loved this story from beginning to end it was full of drama and heartbreak and had a ton of suspense and one big whopping surprise that had us going "OMG" ! Enterrador is a character who is currently causing  a lot the clubs current drama and who is a threat to Lilly as well as the club but, for those reading this story I have a feeling his involvement with the club is not over just yet and this game between them just became more dangerous and will have even more intrigue and that the club will be soon dealing with people even more dangerous then he.
We loved Lilly from the onset of the story she was a bit of a spitfire and had tons of sass, and had one heck of a backbone to shoulder all the drama that was surrounding her currently.We also loved that she had such a huge heart and loved all those she cared about and she wanted to protective them as they protected her.
Gunner for us was a lit fuse waiting to blow who was sexy a sin and had the hot's for a blond who was off limits to him but, not one he was willing to give up.
We loved the sweet romance that happened between both Gunner and Lilly they had some hot chemistry between them and just made the perfect pair.
Overall the story had us hooked from the onset of the story as it was filled with intrigue and tons drama had more that a few surprises and a few hot sexy scenes to heated things up quite a bit. The author also had a cast of amazing character's that you just could not help loving them.I have to say that Cessy is one little bada** and we can't wait to go back to the beginning to read her story.The story also was one that tugged on the heart strings and effected us emotionally as well because the women in this story had gone through some unbearable times and yet they turned into these beautiful and caring ,loving ,strong and brave women that you could not help but admire. 
So looking forward to reading the rest of this series because after two books and we were already loving it and hooked.We read Enterrador's story as he was a very big part of this story but,after learning what we have about him we have to ask is he above Redemption?