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Book Review for Choosing the Hart: A Love Triangle Romance Dani René

Choosing the Hart - Dani René


I am not really sure what to say about this story because I really enjoy this author normally but, for me this time around I am going to say this story was not for me and I really hate saying that.


This story sexual wise was super hot and I can't believe I am saying this but, this story had way to much sex and not enough plot and what plot for me just didn't do it for me.The story itself was fan worthy and had a Fifty Shades of Grey Vibe to it .

There was no doubt the Tristion and Bash characters in this story were super hot and sexy as sin but, there was not one character I actually liked.I thought all the characters were way to immature and wishy washy and not one character had any kind of loyalty.




I just could not get into this story.I understood Emily being caught between two men and having feelings for each other and whats was more estranged brothers complicates things and I can definitely understand the attraction because both of them could lend something different to a relationship and could not be more different but, from the onset of the story it was clear Emily was into kink and submissive and only Tristion was going to satisfy her needs sexually in the bedroom.The other thing that I didn't like how the whole stalker ex husband thing played out the author could have drawn that whole situation out more making the story more intense and suspenseful and not only that Tristion was the one looking into the whole matter of the ex husband and has been doing everything he can do to protect her and keep her safe and the brother ends up being the hero of the story? wth


Overall all we are just going to say that this story was not for me.I love the whole love triangle twist normally and loved the erotica sex scenes and its no doubt this author can right some hot sexy scenes but, It was just the characters I just could not get into.Here Tristion was the big wig ceo and I just felt he was just just as childish as Emily was and every time Tristion said or did something she didn't like she went running into Bash arms seeking comfort when all along knowing the bad blood between the brothers not only that she keeps saying she is in love with Tristion yet betraying him at every turn for choosing to seek out him in the first place .The other thing that bothered me is the fact that Emily never once took into consideration was her actions and what it would do to her job that she was good at and successful at because it was bad enough screwing the boss but, your pitting brother against brother is that really the wise choice?


I am the odd man out here as many others really loved this story but, that's okay we can't love them all but, there have been many stories by this author I throughly enjoyed.