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Book Review for Miles by Lane Hart and D.B. West

Miles (Savage Kings MC #8) - Lane Hart, D.B. West



Let's start off by saying that we really are enjoying this series and the character's in this series they are a whole lot of fun and we could not help but fall in love with each and everyone of them.
Miles is the total enigma and a super hot bad boy biker bada**.I loved him from the onset of the story as he really made me laugh time and time again because he didn't have a clue what to do with wife.Leave it to Miles to get a mail order bride. lol  We loved seeing Mile's struggle with his emotions as they were all new to him as all he has known is dark thoughts yet, Kira is causing him to have a spring in his step an others are noticing.
Kira was just a sweetheart.She was brave and beautiful and strong and determined.Although she looks sweet and innocent she is anything but so it doesn't surprise me when she keeps her cool when things start to heat up and start to go wrong for her and Miles.I found Kira to be a bada** in the making.
Overall this was a really enjoyable story as it was packed with suspense,had a great cast of characters ,had a ton of heat and more than a few surprises and we loved it.I just love stories like this because I loved how all the MC members rallied together and worked with each other and allied a mafia kin pin to takeout a threat that had become a common enemy for the sake of a brother.Let's not forget the old ladies they are just a hoot and bada**es in their own right ! 
Favorite quotes 
“Our men think we’re fragile females who freak out over the smallest thing. The truth is, it takes a strong woman to bring a King to his knees, but once he’s there, he’ll treat you like a queen and do anything for you.”
“My boys are stronger swimmers than yours.”“Your boys probably carry AK-47s and wear bandanas,” Chase says with a chuckle. “I bet they blew right through that pussy like it was a hostile takeover.”
Another great read that goes into the keeper pile .Be sure to check out the other books in this ongoing series as they are amazing as well.