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Book Review for Out of the Flames ( Firemen Do It Better Series) by Leah Sharelle

Out of the Flames: Firemen Do It Better - Leah Sharelle


Let's start off by saying that I am really loving this new series.I am so loving the character's of this series as they are simply amazing and "oh", so love-able.Dylan and Tate were the perfect couple and definitely soul mates.We loved seeing this couple together they we fun and flirty and so in love even after being together for 10 years and still on the newly wed high even ten years later whats more, they were smoking hot together.
This story was packed with a ton of heat! All I can say is "I want a Dylan for myself  wrapped up in a big red bow giggles!" Holy hotness ! that men was sex on a stick.
We loved Dylan the most he was our favorite this time around.We found him to be loving and compassionate and fun and had a sense of humor and sexy as sin but, most of all we loved how much he was in love with his women as she was his whole world and he lived a breathed her but,really vise versa.
We loved how Dylan and Tate first met as time and time again he thanked her room-mate out loud for trying to burn down there apartment .One look into her eyes and he walked up to her and said "MINE"! any they were together literally from the day they met.
Favorite quote- 
“What did I do to deserve you?” Laughing, I cuddled her closer to me. “Your idiot roommate accidentally burned your house down, and you looked at me with those amazingly hypnotic eyes of yours and ruined me for anyone else.”
I have to say that I loved Carson and Lake'
s story but, this current story just jumped to the top of my favorites in this on going series.The hotter the better and "oh", boy this book was just that.
Overall all we loved this story from beginning to end.The story was filled with hotness and love and angst and heartbreak but, it was also fun and flirty. The story made us laugh as well as cry and I have to say the story effected us emotionally right down to our bones.My heart bleed for this couple and the tragedy they endured but, most of all you actually felt the pain this couple was experiencing their pain as a couple and individually and it was excruciating.
We just loved this touching tale and it definitely goes into the keeper pile to be re-read time and time again.This author has a knack for creating amazing character's because each and everyone of them we can't help but love.
Recommended read to all !