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Book Review for Balance by K.E. Osborn

Balance (Chicago Defiance MC #6) - K.E. Osborn



Let's start off by saying that we are really loving this series and we throughly enjoyed Ace's and Neve's story.We really love the character's in this series and the club itself as they never have a dull moment and the old ladies are totally awesome.
Ace & Cindi are besties/sometimes friends with benefits and Ace is having anxiety with Cindi gone to pursue her dream of acting but, is given an opportunity to check up on her and meets the amazing beauty Neve who is destined to be his if he has anything to say about it.
I loved the story from beginning to end as it was full of love and laughter,romance and suspense,twists and turns and more then a few surprises.
Ace and Neve are total opposites in every way but, they just clicked and had this amazing chemistry together but, with the forces to be it seems that their attraction to one another was domed from the onset of the story and things were looking bleak.
I loved Ace from the onset of the story and I love how he has all the old ladies wrapped around his little finger.We love how he was when he was with Neve always calm and happy and smiling and we loved seeing him that way.
Neve is a movie superstar and is at the top of her game but, when she meets Ace and he has no idea who she is she gets to be the real Neve who is easy going and all the glam and glitz falls to the way side and we get to see the real her who is just a down to earth girl who loves her family and craves a simple life even though she loves what she does for a living.
Overall we loved the story it was fun and intense and had a lot going on within the plot itself that puts both Cindi and Neve in danger creating tons of suspense and had a bit of a mystery to solve.Then you had mafia rivalry and the club mixed up in all of it which leads to death, destruction and mayhem making it a totally awesome read.The story took a few twists and turns but, we absolutely loved the ending.Yet again the story had amazing character's that you could not help but love and also had you rooting for a couple that deserved a happily after if they could just find a way to make that happen.
The ending was epic and looks like things are heating up even more in the next book in this going going series and we can't wait to see what happens next.
Recommended read to all!