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Book Review for Tap'd Out by Harley Stone

Tap'd Out (Dead Presidents MC #5) - Harley Stone



Let's start by saying that we are really enjoying this series and its character's. Tap has to be one of my favorite character's of this series so far.We love that this MC series are full of special ex military men who all have a special skill set who run a clean club but, clean up there city with there talents the best way they can.
Sasha is a newbie to the force and is gun ho in saving a group of women from being trafficked and another MC club is suspected.
Tap who doing his own undercover thing when he meets Sasha and saves her from a bad situation but, they have one thing in common and that is to take down a dirty club doing unthinkable things.
Tap is part of the Dead Presidents a bit of a loner and secretive and way to secretive for his brothers liking but, due to his previous job skill sets he his all about protecting his family from those who might want to cause them harm and that means nobody can know about them.We love him he was sexy and cocky (in a good way) had one hell of a body and had some sexy moves but, he was also love-able,caring,funny and had a sense of humor and was serious and protective to the extreme,had a wonderful relationship with his mother and lets not forget extremely deadly .
Sasha is a cop who goes off have cocked to infiltrate a MC to get answers to questions she is wanting after her is she brave or just stupid because she is all on her own without anyone knowing what she is up to.We found her to be determined ,a girl who lived in hell most of her life but, became a cop to make the world and better space and in the process save a few loss souls and was funny and had a great sense of humor.
Overall this was a really enjoyable read full of great character's that were funny and all up it your sh** but, most of all you learned that it was time to share your secrets with the ones you call brothers.The story was full of suspense and betrayals and crooked cops up to no good. The story also had a cute romance story with Sasha and Tap who were just perfect for one another in every way.Tap met the Sasha in the most unusual way and under trying circumstances but, he knew she was about to change his life forever and she did just that.Love blossomed out of a bad situation but, it was really and sweet and all so endearing and we love it.
A Recommended read to all !