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Book Review for Becoming the Boss by Hayley Faiman

Becoming the Boss (Zanetti Famiglia #1) - Hayley Faiman



Omg ! Another winner for Hayley Faiman. 

Omg! loved it!

What a way to start a new series.From the very beginning of this story we were hooked.I have to say that this was one of those stories that had you on edge the entire time it was edgy and suspenseful and had your heart going out to Luci time and time again.

This story is not for the faint of heart as Gavino is a complete A- hole in my book.We found him to be possessive and protective,dangerous,brash,insensitive,all about ownership and possession,dominate in all aspects of his life and every now and then we saw he was capable of feeling something and showing kindness but not often.This is a character you love to hate but, you are hoping the love of a good women and loving one in return will make you into a semi decent human being and we kept hoping and praying. Gavvy as Luci calls him is the perfect mob boss but, makes a nightmare for a husband but, one thing is for sure he will do everything in his power to protect what is his even if it means giving his own life.

Luci- Luci was a mafia princess but,she is to soft for the mafia life not only that she hates everything about it but, there's no escaping the life she was born into.My heart went out to this women as her life was a nightmare and she lived a life that every aspect of her life was controlled day in and day out and she is now thrust into the arms of a man who has a dominate personality 24/7.It amazed me with the life she lead so far that she remained sweet, kind ,caring and loving never turning into a bitter women.I think for some they found her to be a weak character and one the cries and whines all the time but, for me I think life has just caught up to her and she has just become and emotional wreck but, we do see a bit of fieriness and disobedience every now and then.We loved her because in her own way she pushed and pushed to be seen something other than a possession. 

Overall we loved this story from cover to cover.The story was heart felt and surprising and exciting and suspenseful and so dark and dangerous and a bit surprising but, one thing for sure is that I am so grateful that I was not born into a mafia family but, Luci was strong enough to fight for what she rightfully deserved and proved that she will make one hell of a regina to a mob boss and men will envy Gavino in every way that he was able to snag and women who is beautiful inside as well as she is on the outside and will be his sunshine in his very dark world.