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Book Review Sinful Agreement by Faith Starr

Sinful Agreement - Faith Starr



We loved Gabe and Abby's story from beginning to end.We are really loving The Hilltops Trilogy so far and are slowly making our way through it but, loving it.This novella was a great treat and great addition to this on going series.
Gabe-We loved the player from the onset of the story.We found him to be fun,sexy,caring and had a whole lot of that caveman possessive/protective instinct going on for a girl he just met and this just made us  love him even more.
Abby-We loved her too ! We loved that she was sweet,kind,loving and had that down to earth vibe about her and one willing to make some steep personal sacrifices to her life and body in order to save her sister.Abby did not have the best upbringing yet, she still remained innocent in a lot of ways and we loved that about her because she could have become a bitter women but, that sweet soul of hers survived.We loved that the others saw her beauty withing as well as the beauty on the outside and she remained clueless to both because she never considered her special or worthy of love.
We loved the chemistry between Gabe ans Abby as they were smokin hot together in and out of bed.I loved that Gabe was attracted to Abby because of her innocence and not just her good looks but, Gabe new that what lurked beneath the surface was a dirty girl wanting to be let out and he was just the man to do it.There were quite a few hot sexy scenes that had a girl fanning herself...Grins....
Overall the story was packed with tons of heat and heart and love but, also about sacrifice even though to do so was slowing killing Abby each and everyday and as the days passed her by and we saw a whole lot of betrayal going on that we never saw coming.We loved seeing the playboy fall hard and fast and that a beautiful kind soul did just that just by being her plain old self. lol 
We loved it and a recommended read to all and be sure to check out the Hilltops  Trilogy its worth the read.We couldn't help but fall right in love with this stories character's right from the very beginning and remained that way to the very end.
Goes into our keep pile to be read over and over again.Faith Starr is climbing to the top of my list of my favorite erotica authors!