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Book Review for Every Little Thing: MC Romance (Bayou Devils MC Book 7) by A.M. Myers

Every Little Thing (Bayou Devils MC #7) - A.M. Myers

I have to say that this is a brand new author for us and we really enjoyed our first read by them.

This story is about a love that stood the test of time and it was also emotional and heartfelt and one of letting your fears overcome your life so much that you threw it all away to only then live a half of life.

Wyatt is just coasting through life heart broken lonely but, he comes to the conclusion that he needs to put the past behind him and start looking to the future that he has so badly wanted that included a wife and kids.I have to say that Wyatt's first dip into the dating pool was down right funny and "oh", so depressing and his prospects aren't looking good.

Let's just say he made us laugh a time or too lol.....

 Wyatt is the love of Piper's life but, and she threw it all away in a moment of panic and  fear but, she too has decided to pursue her dreams of her having a family and with no man in the picture she is looking at all her options.We have to say that we loved Piper's outlandish and meddling friend as she was down right hilarious at times.

I loved both characters as they were easy to love and I have to say that I wanted to smack Wyatt upside the head more than a few times for letting all of his own insecurities get the best of him and ruining his second chance at being happy once again.

I loved the chemistry that Piper and Wyatt had together and when they were together you could feel the love and chemistry just rolling off them and a couple to be envious of.

What happens when a sinister plot and the interference of other threatens to take all that you have rediscovered again away?Time will tell but, Wyatt has more to protect his time around and he needs to call upon his brothers to do just that .

I have to say that although I came into the middle of this series and need to go back to the beginning as we are so loving these characters as they were fun and engaging and are men who will be giving each other a kick in the pants when one needs it.

I love when it is easy to connect with the characters you are reading about so readily as from the moment we met Piper and Wyatt we new they were soulmates and were destined to be together and we were rooting for their happily ever after right from the very beginning but, new that their path somehow would ever be easy but, we loved being on that journey right along with them.

Overall we loved it cover to cover and are so looking forward to reading more of this series.We love second chance romance reads and a love that stands the test of time and we love when one is given that chance to right the wrongs of ones past and make those dreams you dreamed years ago become a reality.

"This was my kind of read !"