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Book Review for Brenda Rothert

Alexei: A Chicago Blaze Hockey Romance Kindle Edition - Brenda Rothert


This was a first time author for us and we have to say that our first time read by them was quite enjoyable.
We enjoyed the story it was heart felt and engaging and had character's that were all flawed.This story had a serious under- tone and had it's character's living with some sort of addiction some owning it and others others refusing to face their reality just yet.
Alexei was one of those cocky bad boys that never thought about much more than his next party and next willing women until a little slip of a women made him start questioning his life and his life choices. I have to say we really loved Alexei from the moment we met him a new he was going to be one of those characters that would have us smiling throughout the story.
Graysen was one of those character's that was down right love-able who truly cared about helping others and truly care about all her patients even the difficult ones.We found her sweet kind and loved how her own families dysfunction lead her to helping others.
Overall we enjoyed the story with these flawed characters and how they worked so hard to atone for the mistakes that they made some learning to live with them and others moving forward .We loved seeing the unlikely relationships &  friendships forged.We also enjoyed that the story had a complicated love interest that lead to one party finding their soul mate. I loved the unusual courtship that went on between Graysen and Alexei as it was kind of sweet and different and we loved that.
Final thoughts are that we loved that love was found in one of the most unlikely place.