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Book Review for Solar Heat by Susan Kearney

Solar Heat: 2 (The Heat Series) - Susan Kearney
Solar Heat
The Heat #2

By: Susan Kearney
  5 stars
Reviewed by:Angels
Published: Belle Books
Source:ARC NetGallery Gene: Futuristic Romance 


Is she an indispensable ally or his worst enemy?
When intersolar mining entrepreneur Derrek Archer rescues Azsla from her emergency sleeping pod, he's confounded by his desire for her - and the other strange feelings that begin to emerge whenever they're together.
Is she better off with him or without him?
Azsla's attracted to the sexy asteroid miner, but she fears getting close to Derrek might compromise her mission - and reveal that she's an enemy spy.
Looming over them is a cataclysm of deadly proportions - for if Azsla doesn't complete her mission, more than one world could be destroyed. She and Derrek must overcome their distrust, suspicion, and opposing loyalties, but between Azsla's secret, and Derrek's murky past, this mission may bring them closer together - or tear them apart.

Our Review

This is not the kind of normally read so I mixed things up and decided to give this title a try.I read some of  Susan's books many years ago and loved her Rysrani series so I thought to see what was in store in her new heat series.

I loved it.From cover to cover.I really enjoyed Derrek Archer and Azsal story.I am always excited to re- discover an author you haven't read for sometime and realize  you still love there writing.I will admit that for many years I stuck to one reading gene and the same authors and never ventured but, once I took the plunge a whole new world opened up for me.So be adventurous to and you won't be disappointed.

The story takes place in space were Aszal and her crew of escaped slaves are on the way to the planet Zor. Aszal is on a spy mission to discover information on there military defenses. Zor is now a planet that was built from escapee slaves from the planet Rama. During there escape there were technical difficulties and they had to  escape to several pods into space and hopefully to be discovered so she could fulfill her mission.

Aszal and Derrek met as he is the one who discovered her and her crew.The sparks fly once Derrek set eyes on Azsal he felt this possessiveness and jealousy he has never experienced before.Thinking in a plot of some kind he tries to dismiss it.If only his feelings were that easy to ignore.

My favorite character had to be Aszal I love when you have a strong female character.One that is witty ,smart,beautiful and deadly all wrapped up into one package.We also saw another side of Aszal of being able to be a loving and caring person. Azsal has a very complicated past.She struggles daily to suppress who she really is not just her real identity but also her true Quait abilities that would give her away.I admired Aszal for the decisions she would be forced to make and by coming to know her character by now I felt confident she would make the right choices.

Derrek the hunky asteroid miner character is complicated as well.A former slave who is now on of the most influential man on the planet Zor. Forced to start his life over again after his mind was scrubbed for a crime he didn't commit.You feel Derrek's pain of heartache at feeling the loss of his former family and his life as a slave who was under the control of the Quait echelons or former masters.He has made a new life for himself and his crew and loves living in space but, also has established homes on land.

Learning the background of this couple there fierce attraction complicates things. Aszal she can't tell the truth without exposing herself and after learning more about Derrek's past he will not be able to let go of his past so easily and accept her for who she really is. Aszal knows no matter what her mission is she is not happy about being one to betray them after coming to know and care for Derrek and his crew.

What a page turner for me and the complicated relationship between this couple took us with them on there amazing journey of finding love and starting over and showed us how to overcome ones past.We saw that people can  change if they let go of ones past in hopes of finding ones true life- mate.There was so much intrigue going on around this couple throughout this book that you never new what would happen next.I believe it just made the love between them grow stronger.The story was also filled with political intrigue ,betrayals,unlikely friendships being developed.Surprises of all kinds.Love and laughter.The plot had everything that a reader could want.I loved the characters and the odds they all had to overcome.

Really enjoyed this story from the beginning to end.I know there is mixed reviews about this one you seem to love it or hate it but ,I for one really enjoyed the story and I am looking forward to the next installment in this series.

Recommended to readers who love science fiction. reads and futuristic romance.
My favorite quote form the book !
"My children haven't been born yet ,and they are arguing with me. It's fripping unbelievable." 


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