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Book Review for Silent Warrior by Donna Kauffman

Silent Warrior  - Donna Kauffman

Silent Warrior
By Donna Kauffman

3 stars

Reviewed by: Angels

Published: Loveswept

Source Purchased copy 

Genre: Historical 




Touching her was tempting fate--and tempting him to risk it all....
Her note read, "fin in trouble," and John McShane sensed the desperation in Cali Ellis's plea for help. He'd flown to the Caribbean on a rescue mission, but the woman whose defiant beauty still heated his blood refused to leave without answers. Unable to deny her desire for this fierce warrior, Cali longed to taste the fire of his possession. She'd always trusted him with her life, but was she sure enough to dare surrender?
In a sexy tale of breathless pursuit and irresistible danger, Donna Kauffman entangles a hero rugged enough to haunt a woman's dreams with a lady cool enough to keep him a little too close for comfort! He'd been her anchor when grief had shattered her heart, but now could she give him a new reason to fight?

My Thoughts and Review
I enjoyed reading Silent warrior it was a light fast read with a little bit of romance and intrigue.
Loved the characters John and Ellie. I really loved the other characters that were introduced to the plot some witty and funny which you did not expected from the ruggedly dangerous agent yet he had a playful side at least with Ellie and then the Serious agents Scottie and John McShane.
Found John McShane to be a complicated character but, I understand why with the life he has lead.Not wanting to involve others into his life fearing for the lives and a loner himself and closed off a serious personality.But, after meeting Ellie ten years later and after leaving her after her husbands death this rugged dangerous CIA comes to life on the pages where we see him come alive on the pages . All this due to Callie and the love long forgotten he had for her and now what could be.
Found Ellie to be lots of fun a serious personality too but more open to feeling than John. A computer whiz /hacker made for an intriguing character for her, What a feisty sly one she was.Bound and destined to stand up for what she wants and with a knack of getting what she wants due to perseverance.
The two come together after many years as someone is trying to kill her and she needs Johns help. It seems that her husband wrote a complicated computer program and now the government wants it and wants anyone who knows about it eliminated.Once John comes to find Ellie he realizes all those tucked away feelings he had for her all those years ago are not long and forgotten.
Overall it was a enjoyable story. I enjoyed the plot as well. A little bit of romance and intrigue.I cute story to snuggle up to. I gave the story 3.5 stars because I thought this story needed a bit more action and danger and a little more bit of romance in it.It wasn't the kind of story that had you sitting on the seat of your pants where you can't wait to turn the page.I did like that fact that John was able to un-thaw that heart of his a bit to give Ellie and chance to win his heart and remove some of the loneliness he has had with his solitary life. But, love is not easy and there were times I wanted to kick John and say stop being stupid and go for it ! Reach for want you want even though you don't think you deserve it !
Its been years since I read a book by Donna so I was glad to get a chance to read something new by her. I have loved her historical romance novels in the past so it was a delight to read one of her contemporary romances.Looking forward to reading the other books in this series.
I recommend read from us ! A light fun read for those Donna Kauffman fans !