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Book Review for Pushin' Buttons by Em Petrova

Pushin' Buttons - Em Petrova

Pushin' Buttons by Em Petrova

Reviewed by: Angels



Published: Samhain Publishing

Source:Gifted Copy

Genre: Erotica Romance





It’s all in her head. Until she falls into the hands - and hearts - of two cowboys. Sexual dysfunction. The words make Sybill cringe, but after one too many failed relationships, she has to face reality. Her O-button is broken, big time. Sick of sitting on the sexual sidelines, she books a week at Boot Knockers Ranch. If a passel of rugged cowboys vying to bring her bliss can’t get her off, nothing will. Hugh had planned to sit out this week’s rotation of sexual therapy, but when he spots sultry Sybill, he pulls rank. His bone-deep urge to possess her isn't enough to coax elusive orgasms out of her body, though. And his resolve to give the lady whatever she needs wavers when she shyly makes a mind-blowing request. Riggs stepped aside when Hugh muscled in to claim Sybill, but he jumps at the chance to fulfill her ultimate fantasy - a threesome. But once they come together, all barriers are stripped away, exposing his love for the one man - and woman - he'd break every last rule to make his own. Warning: This ain't your daddy’s ranch. Contains cowboys administering sexual therapy to frustrated ladies - and each other. Fresh batteries recommended. You're gonna need ’em!


Our Review


Wow ! What and interesting read and super hot !Who would have thought to read about a Cowboy Camp that specializes in helping women in need whether sexual or getting over a messy divorce feel good about themselves again.Sex Camp ?Just loved all the characters they were interesting and fun sexy and bruting and just to damn HOT !


Just loved the concept of a bunch of cowboy's fighting over a bunch of women to have sex with them .Too funny.Although this is a working ranch that sells horses this Ranch specializes in helping women.Everyone of the cowboys plays a part.There main goal is to have there women leaving happy and feel good about themselves again and give them anything that they want while they are there.The men are at there beck and call.YEAH!


Just loved all the character's but, I alway pick a favorite on to rave about and my pick would have to be Sybill. She just surprised me the most of all.She arrived at the ranch hoping to get over her sexual dysfunction in not being able to have an orgasm hoping one of these cowboy's will do the trick. Sybill was a bit uptight and had a controlling personality I believe this is part of her problem she just needed to let go.Hugh her gorgeous cowboy was the one just to do that.Instant sparks between the two. Sybill really surprised me the most she had the whole another personality to herself that she kept suppressed but, once she let it come to the surface she was some Hell cat as the men would say...One man couldn't do the trick but two !Who would have thought the stuffy uptight gal is into threesomes ! And I just loved how she came to care for her two cowboy's so quickly they just all fit together.There relationship just worked and when things come to the end my heart broke a bit for her as there seemed to be no happy ending for her. Sybill was just a sweetheart loving caring and smart and love able all wrapped up into one package.


Have a mention too how much I just loved Hugh and how he kept saying that Sybill heart throbbed him after all the women he has been with one stuffy little librarian type is the one to make this sexy hot cowboy fall in love.He was just cute sexy love-able and bruting and I was just a little bit in love with him myself.Riggs on the other hand was just one love-able sexy sweet cowboy the kind you could spill all your secrets to and go to when you need a good cry on one's shoulder.He was just too adorable.


I just loved it and we are giving it 5 stars.Em is a fairly new author for me and I am just loving her books.This was one great fun read and I am looking forward to reading some of Em's other titles in this continuing series. Recommended Read to all that love Erotica reads! Some of our other reviews for Em!







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